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FWZ&G combines the client service expected from a small firm with the experience and capabilities typically found in larger ones. It is this combination that has established Frame, Wills, Zeller & Green as a law firm for growing businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals with special or unique legal needs.
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New Tax Law 2018 – Changing the Game for Businesses

With the new tax law now passed through Congress and signed by the President, our Chicago business lawyers have been spending time unpacking the new 2018 tax law related to Illinois corporations and pass through entities, such as Illinois limited liability companies.  We have found that the choice of business entity and the elected tax […]

The Importance of Obtaining a Registered Trademark

Our Chicago trademark lawyers cannot stress enough the importance of new business owners and entrepreneurs in holding a federal trademark registration for their service or product.  Not only is a registered trademark on the federal principal register an extremely valuable asset, the protections afforded by a registered trademark are of paramount importance to maintaining brand […]

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Estate Tax and Generation Skipping Taxes Repealed
On November 2, 2017, Republicans in the House of Representatives released their version of a tax reform bill: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is not yet law and is only the beginning of what is sure to become a legislative battle.

The Tax […]

Pet Trusts

While cats and dogs are common house pets, pet trusts can be drafted for the benefit of many other domestic animals to ensure that your family pet receives the love and care it deserves for the entirety of its life. As Chicago estate planning attorneys, our main focus is ensuring continuity amongst family members through preparations of wills […]

Oral Modifications to Written Contracts: A Lesser-known Breach of Contract Rule

Our Chicago breach of contract attorneys understand that the legal nature of contractual agreements may sometimes appear confusing or contradictory, so we are committed to analyzing each breach of contract case individually and providing our clients with personalized counsel.

A breach of contract suit most commonly arises when one party fails to uphold their contractual duties. In most cases, the court will […]

LLC Veil Piercing & Substantive Consolidation

A limited liability company can function as an extremely powerful and flexible Illinois business organization structure.  The LLC, if structured properly by a Chicago business lawyer, can shield members (aka LLC business owners) from the legal obligations and debts of the LLC.

In limited liability companies which are solely owned, small or family owned, business assets and […]

Estate Planning Myths

Estate Planning is a very complicated area of the law where myths abound and they can be harmful to you and your loved ones.  Below is a list of common myths about estate planning that our Chicago estate planning attorneys often confront.

Estate Planning Myth #1: If I have a good Will, probate will not be required, and […]

Common Mistakes in Federal Trademark Registration – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 6 Part blog brought to you by our Chicago Trademark Lawyers.

Part 1: Trademark Priority and Trademark Distinctiveness
US trademark law and the trademark registration process is very much different compared to trademark law in foreign countries. Whether a entrepreneur, inventor or US business is seeking to prosecute a federal trademark […]

Looking at Two Sides of Trademark Infringement

A generic trademark is a product name or term which is the actual name for that product. Examples include: BANANA for bananas, or LAW FIRM for a law firm or CHICAGO TRADEMARK ATTORNEY for Chicago trademark attorney. A generic term is not eligible for trademark registration or protection. The rationale being, to allow a business or individual […]

Trademark Cease and Desist Based on Likelihood of Confusion

While this specific occurrence happened a couple years ago, our Chicago trademark attorneys believe that this matter showcases a variety of issues that can arise if one were applying for a federal trademark registration or how your business could protect yourself from trademark infringement.

Starbucks, the behemoth Seattle based coffee company worth an estimated $16.447 billion […]