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Zeller Law, LLC is an innovative, business-focused law firm providing professional, efficient and affordable legal representation to new start-ups, small businesses, private companies, professionals, inventors and entrepreneurs throughout Chicago. Our Chicago business law firm is committed to providing our business clients with proactive business counsel, highly responsive communication and thoughtful, experienced representation.
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Common Mistakes in Federal Trademark Registration – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 6 Part blog.
Part 1: Trademark Priority and Trademark Distinctiveness
US trademark law and the trademark registration process is very much different compared to trademark law in foreign countries. Whether a entrepreneur, inventor or US business is seeking to prosecute a federal trademark or a foreign entity or individual is contemplating […]

Looking at Two Sides of Trademark Infringement

A generic trademark is a product name or term which is the actual name for that product. Examples include: BANANA for bananas, or LAW FIRM for a law firm or CHICAGO TRADEMARK ATTORNEY for Chicago trademark attorney. A generic term is not eligible for trademark registration or protection. The rationale being, to allow a business or individual […]

Trademark Cease and Desist Based on Likelihood of Confusion

While this specific occurrence happened a couple years ago, it showcases a some variety of issues that can arise if one were applying for a federal trademark registration or how your business could protect yourself from trademark infringement.

Starbucks, the behemoth Seattle based coffee company worth an estimated $16.447 billion in 2014, sent the owner of […]

Reveal’s InControl eDiscovery Legal Technology

How much do you spend on legal document review technology?

The high price tag in Discovery for most matters is legal document review. This topic spans most legal industry blogs and analyst reports, where everyone shares an opinion on how to get control of costs before you have to make payments.
What do you do to get […]

Crowdfunding to Jump-Start a Small Business

Have a great business idea or inventive product that needs funding to get launched?  Crowdfunding and micro-finance platforms, like Kickstarter, may be the answer to your new businesses financing needs.  For some entrepreneurs and new business owners, crowdfunding or micro-finance may not be the way to go.  But, as our Chicago business lawyers has recently […]

Smoked Olive Oil – Holy Smoke, LLC

Looking for a great hand crafted holiday gift for yourself, friends and family, business clients or employees.?  Well, you should definitely check out Holy Smoke’s handcrafted cold-smoked extra virgin olive oil.  If you’ve never had smoked olive oil, you’re missing out!  “It’s like liquid bacon that’s good for you!”
Smoked Olive Oil
All the of the complex […]

Five Online Entreprenurial Courses

There has been a recent explosion of free online courses for entrepreneurs offered by a variety of entities.  Over the years, we have found that many of our new start-up and small business clients have a thirst for entrepreneurship education.  However, we have also found that many of our clients starting new businesses have a […]

Crowdfunding: Donors Helping Students and Teachers Achieve

Charles Best started Donors Choose, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2000, in order to connect individuals directly with students and teachers in need of materials and funds to realize certain experiences teachers want their students to have.

DonorsChoose.org is a great way for individuals, groups and businesses to help students in Kindergarten through twelfth grade […]

Creating a Distinct Brand is Critical to Success

What brand of ketchup is in your pantry? What brand of ketchup is at your favorite restaurant? Odds are it was probably Heinz ketchup. It seems everywhere you go, if you want some ketchup, its going to be Heinz. This begs the question, can anyone compete with the Pittsburgh based company?

Former Brown University students Scott […]

Obtaining a Higher Number of Quality Hires

Growing, expanding a successful start-up or small business in Illinois or nationwide has its difficulties.  Almost every successful business owner, entrepreneur will eventually hire employees or independent contractors to perform various task on behalf of the business. They may have a hiring process that has been used since starting their business, or they may have […]