Professional-LiabilityUnderstanding Professional Liability

Legal malpractice cases are often the most challenging legal cases because professional liability is always at stake. Malpractice cases have added difficulty in the fact that there is often a higher judicial standard held up to professionals. Professionals can include any number of legal agents, fiduciaries or other experts in their field, such as: accountants, contractors, landlords, engineers and doctors.

The Role of Professional Liability Insurance

Most of the concerns brought about through malpractice charges and other professional liability issues can be alleviated through the support of professional liability insurance. Like most forms of insurance, professional liability insurance allows an insurance company to assume the financial risks that an individual would otherwise have to face in exchange for reduced insurance costs. While professional liability insurance is an incredibly valuable financial tool, it is important to note that this is no panacea. There are professional threats and occupational risks that insurance cannot supplement through economic support, which require careful, responsive legal counsel. It is crucial for this reason to always seek legal representation in a timely manner during the event of any malpractice charges. Our Chicago commercial litigation attorneys offer legal counsel to discuss the available legal options for protecting one’s reputation and reducing individual risks for professionals, business owners or other fiduciaries  alike.

Malpractice Risks

In many cases, legal malpractice or medical malpractice cases pose more than just a financial risk for the involved professionals. Sometimes malpractice claims and other similar claims can threaten one’s professional reputation through occupational consequences, such as the revoking of a medical license or disbarment. Insurance rates and coverage may also be affected by such claims. Our Chicago commercial litigation attorneys understand that this can be a sensitive and time-urgent matter. We offer seasoned legal counsel to any professionals or representatives who may be experiencing professional liability-related issues.