Health Care Power of Attorney

Chicago Estate Planning | Health Care Power of AttorneyStatutory provisions for any healthcare power of attorney plan is found in the Illinois Power of Attorney Act. A healthcare power of attorney is one of many health care directives a person should incorporate in his or her estate planning. In short, the agent acting as a persons healthcare power of attorney must act according to the wishes of the person authorizing the healthcare power of attorney. In the event the agent is not able to obtain guidance from the persons healthcare power of attorney, the agent is to act according to the agent’s best understanding of the persons wishes. Generally the agent elected for the healthcare power of attorney will be a spouse, children, or a trusted family member with medical experience.

The health care power of attorney is one example of a specific power of attorney. Unlike a general power of attorney, the health care power of attorney permits the agent to make only health-related decisions on behalf of the incapacitated person, also known as the principal. The health care power of attorney is crucial to ensure that proper medical care and procedures are taken in the event of incapacity. Not only does this estate planning vehicle offer valuable peace of mind and lend itself to a speedy recovery, but the health care power of attorney can ensure that the health and well-being is the top concern of the family rather than legal battles for rights to make health-based decisions. The security provided by the health care power of attorney can sometimes make the difference between temporary and permanent incapacity, if properly drafted. Our Chicago Estate Planning Attorneys provide legal counsel to individuals, professionals and families in the structuring of a health care power of attorney plan to promote the fast recovery for the incapacitated client.