Breach-of-Contract-CaseIf you think you have a breach of contract case, contact our Chicago breach of contract attorneys. We will consult with you and review materials in your possession relating to the contract and potential business litigation matter. First and foremost, it is important to have an executed copy of the contract or agreement available and kept in a safe place. Our attorneys will thoroughly review and analyze the various terms and conditions of the contract to determine to appropriate course of action.

Once we have had a chance to meet with you, review the potential breach of contract and review any related documentation, we will advise you as to whether or not we think you have a breach of contract case (or defense) and whether or not you should consider filing a lawsuit for breach of contract or assert any defenses or counterclaims. We are always willing to negotiate a fee structure that fits each client’s needs. Once you have consulted with us and agreed to retain our firm, your case is in our hands and we will do our very best to obtain the best possible results.

The first step in any breach of contract action is the filing of the complaint and service of the complaint on the defendant(s). Once the complaint is filed and served, the defendants will have to answer or respond to the complaint. Defendants will often assert various defenses and/or counterclaims.

After the defendant answers the complaint, the parties conduct “discovery,” during which time each party seeks to obtain relevant information related to the case through written questions (interrogatories) and requests for documents from the other party. The parties usually then take depositions of each other and often of third parties in an attempt to discover additional information related to the lawsuit and the various claims and defenses asserted.

Our attorneys will thoroughly review and analyze the various terms and conditions of the contract to determine to appropriate course of action and determine whether you have a breach of contract case
After discovery is completed, the parties might then file motions for summary judgment in an attempt to prove that there is no relevant dispute of fact with respect to each of their claims and that the judge should rule in their favor prior to any trial.

Of course, the above is only an example of the general course of a given lawsuit. Issues and contract disputes relating to various matters may arise throughout the course of the litigation. For example, service disputes, jurisdiction and venue disputes, discovery disputes, among others, might arise at various stages of the lawsuit.

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