Unlike many other disciplines of litigation, commercial litigation and business litigation oftentimes vary widely in levels of complexity, ranging from simple disagreements to complex legal feuds. This fact forces commercial litigation attorneys to take added discretion when representing clients during the defense process and prosecution proceedings alike.

Whether it be for a small start-up or a large private corporation, corporate litigation can often be a long and costly effort for businesses of any size. We recognize that many businesses lack the financial and organizational resources to manage these legal battles and still function at standard operational capacity. Our Chicago commercial litigation attorneys also understands though that proper legal counsel can oftentimes differentiate a business that collapses from the financial pressures of litigation and a business that aptly responds and cultivates economic stability out of such legal hardship.  Even still, our Chicago business litigation lawyers are sensitive to the economic and mental strains of gathering the necessary funding for legal fees. In turn, we offer workable billing options and flexible fees so that business owners can remain focused on the needs of their businesses, employees and customers.

Our Chicago business litigation attorneys provide legal counsel to small businesses, inventors, professionals, start-up companies, entrepreneurs, and private corporations alike. We offer legal representation throughout the entire business litigation and corporate litigation processes.

Typical matters have included commercial litigation; business disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes; breach of contract claims, including written contracts, oral contracts, employment contracts and restrictive covenants; business fraud; corporate misconduct; breach of fiduciary duty; legal malpractice; accounting; fraudulent concealment claims; insurance coverage disputes; and employee wrongful termination disputes.  These commercial litigation matters frequently require our Chicago business litigation lawyers to seek equitable relief, such as temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, attachments, and the appointment of receivers, among others.