Debt-CollectionOur Chicago debt collection attorneys understand that collecting on debts owed can be costly and time consuming.  While business litigation may be appropriate in certain cases, litigation may not always be the most appropriate or effective method of debt collection.

Our Chicago business attorneys often help professionals, small businesses and individuals recover monies owed, delinquent funds, and collect commercial debt.  Our Chicago law firm can assist in the collection of most types and amounts of debt, including judgments, promissory notes and accounts receivable.  Our collection practice is designed to recover your debts as quickly as possible in the utmost professional and ethical manner.

Whether its a commercial debt collection matter or consumer debt collection matter, our Chicago debt collection lawyers make every effort to secure payment before suit or litigation is necessary.  Our business law firm’s technology allows payment to be obtained by telephone or online via our website through the virtual law office technology.  If a lawsuit is necessary, our collection attorneys have experience to guide the collection matter through litigation or judgment enforcement processes.

Legal Costs of Collection

Aside from instituting a lawsuit against the debtor directly, there may be other, more cost-effective methods for seeking compensation for monies for nonpayment on business transactions, services, products, or accounts receivables.  Our Chicago business attorneys counsel clients in pursuing debt collection through:

  • Negotiating lump-sum settlements or payment plans
  • Repossessing goods, real property or other assets
  • Obtaining prejudgment liens and mechanic’s liens
  • Wage garnishment
  • Court ordered judgment

Most of these legal actions require at least some assistance from the court, and we help clients and businesses pursue the most appropriate, cost-effective collection method that minimizes the overall legal costs of collection.

Our Chicago law firm’s collection attorneys are ethical and professional, as well as, efficient and effective.  We abide by the Illinois Collection Laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  • Post-Judgment Collections
  • Consumer Debt Collections
  • Commercial Debt Collections
  • Judgment Enforcement
Our Chicago business litigation attorneys pursue the most appropriate, cost-effective collection methods that minimize the overall legal costs of collection, in professional and ethical ways, before resorting to litigation.