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Much like other business disputes, partnership disputes can be quite complex and varied. A partnership dispute may result from disagreements regarding the aims and direction of a business. Other partnership disputes may allege that one partner is not properly executing their duties. Legal violations can even become intertwined in disputes through accusation of security fraud, tax violations, money laundering or other white-collar crimes. These are a just a few types of the partnership disputes that our Chicago business litigation attorney might encounter.

As an added degree of complexity, a partnership dispute also can vary as to whether it includes general partners, limited partners or some combination of the two. For this reason, any partnership dispute requires a level of care and consideration. Our business litigation attorneys also understand that a partnership dispute can be quite a personal affair, often affecting personal friendship and professional ties. We thus make our mission to address partnership disputes swiftly and efficiently, so that our clients can return to managing their business affairs and protecting their personal interests.

Resolving Partnership Disputes

The written contract between business partners should be one of the first resources that a client considers in the event of a dispute. These contracts often contain helpful bylaws to direct someone how to address a particular issue, the stakes of certain conflicts and available options, such as mediation or  arbitration. In any case, it is also crucial to seek legal counsel in the event of a partnership dispute. While there are plenty of helpful resources within a business or previous contracts, most circumstances will still require the legal experience of a commercial litigation attorney to interpret these documents and develop an appropriate solution.

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