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TrademarksIf you are a business owner, entrepreneur or inventor and intend to launch a new product or service, establishing trademark rights should be a top priority.  As a Chicago trademark lawyer, we often see small businesses, start-ups, inventors and entrepreneurs overlook the important trademark benefits of establishing and protecting their intellectual property rights.

A company’s identity, unique service, and business brand are important, valuable assets and critical for the success of most any business. Business names, symbols, phrases, logos, and other distinctive trademarks are generally developed at great time and expense. Thus, trademarks are extremely  valuable to entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, and small businesses that offer a unique product or service in the marketplace. These business names, symbols, phrases, logos, and other distinctive trademarks may function as a trademark so as long as the trademark is used in commerce to distinguish the product or service associated with that trademark, from the products or services of another trademark owner. Trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provide certain legal protections that would otherwise be unavailable at common law or even on the state level. Our Chicago trademark lawyers can provide critical guidance to any entrepreneur or business in the process of launching their new product or service in the marketplace and ensure their trademarks are properly protected.

A trademark represents a company’s identity, unique service, and business brand.  As a result, a trademark can achieve enormous value and goodwill in the marketplace.  Our Chicago trademark lawyers offer a broad range of trademark legal services to entrepreneurs and businesses in Illinois.  For example, if a business or entrepreneur does not properly register their trademarks, a business or entrepreneur may come along seek to obtain a state or federal registration of the trademark and block both the expansion and use of the previous trademark owners trademarks and any later attempt to register those trademarks.  If a business, often with the help of a trademark attorney, properly selects a trademark, conducts a comprehensive trademark search, identifies the appropriate trademark classification, and is successful in the trademark registration with the USPTO, the USPTO will automatically reject the application of the latecomer attempting to register the same or confusingly similar trademark, and the trademark rights of the business or entrepreneur most always be superior to the latecomer.

Business names, symbols, phrases, logos, and other distinctive trademarks are valuable assets generally developed at great time and expense. Trademarks are extremely valuable to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses that provide a product or offer a service.Our Chicago trademark lawyers will provide the necessary legal services services to register and protect trademark rights.
Our Chicago trademark lawyer provide trademark legal services to those entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, and small businesses who are serious about developing and protecting their company name, product names, service names, logos, and taglines. We assist clients in everything from trademark selection, to trademark infringement litigation.  Contact one of our Chicago trademark lawyers if you and your business would like to learn more about the benefits of trademark protection and trademark registration.

Why Hire A Chicago Trademark Lawyer?

There are several major benefits to using a Chicago trademark lawyer to perform your trademark search and file your federal trademark application: 1) saving time, and 2) saving money; and 3) avoiding costly mistakes. The federal trademark search and registration process on the surface may seem fairly straightforward but more often than not it is complex, time consuming, and riddled with areas to potentially make significant, costly mistakes. The trademark registration process involves multiple steps, each with its own timeline and requirements:

  • complete and file initial application,
  • USPTO examining attorney evaluates the application,
  • a potential non-final refusal, followed by a required response,
  • a potential final refusal, followed by a required response or appeal,
  • the publication of the trademark for an opposition period of 30 days,
  • if the application is based on an intent to use, the subsequent filing of a statement of use or a time extension.

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