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Our Chicago, Illinois business attorneys represent entrepreneurs, professionals, retail and online sellers, and businesses of all sizes. From business litigation and commercial transactions to trademark services, our law firm has represented clients throughout Chicago and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. We invite you to contact us by completing our quick online CONTACT US form (below) or giving us a call. We make every effort to respond to all inquiries via phone or email within one business day.

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Trademark Registration

Are you launching a new company or developing a new brand or product and need to clear and/or register a trademark?  Are you an online seller enrolling in a brand registry program through Amazon, Walmart, Esty, eBay or other e-commerce platform? Are you looking for help with another federal trademark matter? Our Chicago business attorneys provide entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, small businesses and private companies with a full suite of state and federal trademark legal services.

Breach of Contract

Are you facing potential contract breaches that could impact your business operations? Have you entered into a commercial agreement and found the other party failing to fulfill their obligations? Or are you seeking advice on how to respond to a breach of contract claim lodged against your company? Our legal guidance encompasses all areas of state and federal contract law, from breach analysis to dispute resolution and enforcement of contractual rights.

Debt Collection

Are you struggling with late payments that are impacting your company’s cash flow? Have you provided goods, services or lent money under a commercial agreement and found the other party failing to make payments? Or are you searching for reliable ways to enforce a judgment awarded in your favor? We offer advice and proactive solutions in all areas of collections law, from demand letters and negotiations to litigation and judgment enforcement actions.

Our Core Business Legal Services Are Summarized Above & Below | Give Us A Call: (312) 789-5676

Facing contract disputes? Reach out to our Chicago law firm today. Our business attorneys are ready to provide comprehensive assistance with your breach of matters. Don’t let disputes stall your operations—let our attorneys guide you through the complexities of contract law. Your success is our priority. We handle contract disputes throughout Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding counties, including DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties.

Contract Dispute
Contract Dispute

Facing a business dispute or litigation? Contact our law firm today. Our Chicago business attorneys are skilled in negotiation, mediation, and courtroom advocacy. We strive to resolve your business disputes effectively, safeguarding your interests. Let us chart your path towards resolution. Reach out now and secure your business’s future. We handle business disputes throughout Chicago, including Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will Counties.

Launching a new business in Illinois? Let our business attorneys navigate you through formation, organization, registration, and beyond. From developing key business agreements to obtaining an EIN from the IRS and registering your entity with the Illinois Secretary of State, we’ve got you covered. Our law firm represents businesses of all sizes, start-ups, professionals, product developers, online sellers, and entrepreneurs. Contact us today to set your business on the path to success.

Business Organization
Trademark Registration

Are you looking to protect your brand? Our law firm’s business attorneys can assist with all your state, federal, and international trademark needs. We conduct thorough trademark searches, register trademarks with the Illinois Secretary of State, USPTO, and international trademark offices, assist with Amazon brand registry enrollment, and enforce your registered trademarks in the marketplace. Contact us today to secure your brand’s trademarks.

USPTO Office Actions

Not all trademark applications process without problem. The two most popular reasons for a trademark applicant to receive a trademark office action indicating a refusal or rejection of the trademark is (1) likelihood of confusion with an existing mark, or (2) descriptiveness of the proposed trademark. If you or your business has been issued an office action from a USPTO examining attorney, let us review your trademark case and determine what type of response can be submitted.

Office Actions

Business & Trademark Law FAQs

Trademark Cease and Desist Based on Likelihood of Confusion

While this specific occurrence happened a couple years ago, our Chicago trademark attorneys believe that this matter showcases a variety of issues that can arise if one were applying for a federal trademark registration or how your business[...]

The Economic Functions of Trademarks

From an economic standpoint, a trademark is a source identifier that allows consumers to identify goods or services that have been successful (or have a good reputation) and reject goods or services that have failed (or have a[...]

What can be trademarked?

Generally, any word, phrase, or device has the potential to achieve federal trademark registration. As long as the potential trademark identifies the source of the goods in order to distinguish them from the goods of another, then registration[...]

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