Dispute Resolution

Not every case has to be fought tooth and nail in court.  Although our Chicago litigation attorneys are more than ready to prosecute or defend our clients in court through litigation, oftentimes the parties might attempt to resolve a dispute through other dispute resolution means, such as arbitration or mediation.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can (but not always) be more flexible, less costly and more efficient than traditional litigation. Parties can agree to ADR prior to any dispute, for example by way of a contract containing mediation and/or arbitration provisions. But parties can also agree to mediate or arbitrate a dispute without any prior agreement, either before or after a lawsuit has been filed.

Our Chicago litigation attorneys will always attempt to resolve disputes for their clients in the most efficient and effective manner, whether it be in court or through other means, such as mediation or arbitration. For additional information, please feel free to email or call our Chicago law office.