Starting-a-Brewery-BusinessThere are many issues to consider when starting a brewery business. The first step is to select how you will organize the business entity. For example, will the brewery be organized as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation? Choosing the type of business entity is essential for a proper business organization and involves considering tax related and non-tax related issues. Our Chicago corporate lawyers guide our business clients through the process of business formation and advise as to what business entity best suits a particular client’s needs.

Breweries also need to be aware of strict alcohol regulations that govern the business. Our business law firm has a keen understanding of the regulatory framework a brewery will need to comply with in order to start doing business. Our guidance in these areas will allow brewery business owners to focus on the day-to-day business operations while we take care of the regulatory issues that need to be addressed.

Our Chicago corporate lawyers provide legal guidance to our clients through the process of business formation to ensue our the most appropriate business entity is chosen to suit a particular client’s needs.

Organizing and forming a brewery business, like all businesses, also involves the creation of business agreements. Our Chicago corporate attorneys have experience drafting and negotiating all different types of agreements in order to appropriately position our brewery business clients for success.

Brewery businesses greatly rely on trademarks and trademark law to protect the intellectual property associated with their business. Our Chicago corporate attorneys will provide counsel through the process of choosing a business name, perform a search of the federal trademark databases to ensure the availability of the business name, and prosecute trademarks, as well as deal with other trademark related issues, to enable clients to thrive in the brewery business.