Intellectual-Property-ProtectionOur Chicago corporate lawyers attorneys provide intellectual property protection for clients to establish, maintain, and expand intellectual property rights. As businesses grow, expand and begin to see consistent revenue, they have greater ability to establish intellectual property rights for their intangible assets. Moreover, as these businesses expand, they may also elect to expand the services and products they offer to their customers or clients. Our business law firm provides counsel to clients seriously seeking to establish intellectual property rights, specifically trademark rights because as their businesses grow, their brand’s identity should also grow stronger.

A business’s intellectual property is a valuable asset. Protecting intellectual property is essential in the maintenance of a successful business. Businesses invest a lot of time and money in establishing intellectual property rights and our business attorneys offer services to establish, maintain, police, and enforce these intellectual property rights.

Our Chicago corporate lawyers help clients establish intellectual property rights, specifically trademark rights, so as their businesses grow, their brand’s identity grows stronger.

Protecting a business’s intellectual property allows a business to enhance its brand, identity and reputation with customers, business partners and others. Our Chicago business attorneys provide protection of intellectual property via our business maintenance services. These services include systematic review and assessment of clients’ intellectual property, policing existing intellectual property rights, renewing applications, and developing potential intellectual property assets that are not yet protected.

Policing and reviewing clients’ intellectual property rights prevent the loss of these rights after a lapse of time and registration. This is done as a way to protect their intellectual property and prevent the misuse of it. Our Chicago corporate attorneys ensure the protection and maintenance of intellectual property through our review and assessment of existing, and potential, intangible assets.