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COVID-19 – Contractual Breaches and Force Majeure

Business contract breaches are on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic and our firm is seeing a rise in contract disputes leading to business litigation.  Unfortunately, as the coronavirus continues to disrupt business, more and more companies and individuals will struggle to perform their contractual obligations.  The applicability of force majeure clauses—and whether or not [...]

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Legal help in the wake of Coronavirus

Our Chicago business law firm advises clients across multiple industries, market sectors, and various stages in the supply chain regarding numerous Coronavirus-related issues.  Companies need to understand where the law, the virus, and their businesses intersect.  Whether in retail, entertainment, transportation, or manufacturing, as factory production slows in line with the reduction of workforces, clients [...]

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Reveal’s InControl eDiscovery Legal Technology

How much do you spend on legal document review technology? The high price tag in Discovery for most matters is legal document review. This topic spans most legal industry blogs and analyst reports, where everyone, including Chicago business litigation lawyers, shares an opinion on how to get control of costs before you have to make [...]

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