Connective Mobility

More than half of the world owns a smartphone. It is expected that this year there will be more people that use a mobile device rather than a laptop or a desktop computer. In these times, we spend more time on our mobile devices communicating or staying connected with the outside world than actually making personal connections with people. Studies have begun to indicate that people are addicted to their mobile devices, especially the feeling of being connected to the world around them. This addiction has caused people to use their mobile device to fill aspects of their lives with something to do, whether it is playing a game or reading the news. This need to feel connected has also been a benefit for businesses. The app world has grown drastically and expanded. This app growth has allowed others to reach different audiences. In apps, we know find different forms of ads. Apps is a way to keep the consumer engage. The engagement allows an ad to play and because the consumer would like to continue what they were doing, they will watch the video or keep the ad open just to continue with what they were doing originally.

Connective MobilityOnline advertisements are no longer just banners or pop-ups on the Internet screen; rather ads have infiltrated our daily lives. Ads are now embedded into apps that force a consumer to watch the ad before they can continue to their preferred content. Now, there are more direct advertisements that are targeted to the consumer. For example, you just browsed a website that sells sunglasses  then you go to a news website, it is very likely that there will be an internet ad for the sunglasses that you looked at during your visit on the website. Marketing campaigns are constantly changing because technology is always changing. Other than keeping up with the changing technology, companies also need to make sure their ads and apps work on different platforms to be able to reach bigger audiences. Taking advantage of the use of mobile devices, companies have the ability to stay connected.

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