Must I use an attorney to register a trademark?

You do not need to use a trademark attorney, however, just as you do not need to register your trademark, having a trademark attorney register your trademark provides several advantages:

  • A trademark attorney knows all the details and requirements of trademark law and what the USPTO examining attorneys look for in each trademark application;
  • A trademark attorney can give an applicant the likelihood of successful trademark registration and assist to increase these chances for a successful;
  • There are many deadlines that must be met in order for a registration to be successful from start to finish. Missing a deadline can result in your trademark being “abandoned.” A trademark attorney will be conscious of and on top of all deadlines;
  • A trademark attorney can quickly and effectively perform a Trademark Search to determine any conflicting trademarks prior to an application, resulting in saving a client from wasting money on an application that would likely be rejected if a conflicting trademark appears;
  • Having a trademark attorney can save you money. Failure to properly search for conflicting trademarks, or simply relying on popular online legal websites, can result in wasting hundreds of dollars in application fees or result in your business having to change the name of your product. A trademark attorney can save you from wasting money and evaluate if your trademark has a likelihood of a successful registration the first time around.

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