New Smartphone App – Whisper

Whisper is a smartphone application that allows users to send messages overlaid on an image anonymously. Based on their postings, users can opt to reply directly to the message or private chat the message poster. The messages that are users post are shared through a feed. The feed can be sorted by new, popularity or the location of the post.New Smartphone App – Whisper

The messages that are shared on Whisper vary greatly. The most popular topics are from people expressing their fears, to people posting about PTSF, to coming out to their loved ones, or about abusive relationships to just about what is going on in the news.

The app allows people to connect with others that are going through similar situations or that want to discuss a topic that is posted. Whisper targets users that want to share information that they wouldn’t be willing to share over other social media networks because there is no anonymity assured. Since its creation, Whisper has expanded from solely being a platform to share secrets, but as a place to meet new people and get advice. Whisper has created a safe and trusting community that allows users to share secrets, therefore there are moderators that are given the task. This prevents abuse and bullying on this space.

Over the last two years, the app has grown significantly and currently has about 6 billion Whispers posted a month. The new update of the app gives the user the ability to search for messages related to topics of their interest. The use that the app gets is useful for a business model that uses ads. The business model for this app is to pick popular messages and to get them to go viral. The hopes are to partner up with companies such as Buzzfeed that would allow many people to see the message. Michael Heyward, Whisper’s CEO, believes that it would be a great app to use to get ad revenue.

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