Reveal’s InControl eDiscovery Legal Technology

How much do you spend on legal document review technology?

The high price tag in Discovery for most matters is legal document review. This topic spans most legal industry blogs and analyst reports, where everyone, including Chicago business litigation lawyers, shares an opinion on how to get control of costs before you have to make payments.

What do you do to get control?

A major trend these days are law firms bringing processes in house so they can offer their clients greater cost savings. Firms are also getting smarter about driving their vendors’ prices down. Those firms that decide to fully own the processes in-house need to get smart about what they are buying –dig into their technology evaluation and buy what they really need, not just what they perceive they need.

There’s a great tool on the market that firms should look at – it’s called InControl from Reveal Data Corporation. They are a technology company; they only build software, and they have created analytics anddocument review platform that is second to none. Why? Reviewers can review from anywhere – on a MAC, PC or iPad and in their browser of choice. This flexibility allows productivity improvements everywhere. The tool also has a highly intuitive user interface, so training is minimal, which again increases productivity.

Another reason to check out InControl is Reveal’s unique approach to developing technology – they built proprietary analytical tools (near duplicate detection, email thread, document clusters) into their software, and offer it at no additional cost to their clients. This, in turn, allows a firm more flexibility in providing cost effective solutions to their clients. For the cases that need the analytical sophistication, InControl integrated with Content Analyst, the industry standard in concept searching. Smart move on Reveal’s part – providing proprietary analytics that have the potential to meet the majority of case needs, while integrating with the industry standard for those that absolutely need it. Both options offer more cost control to the firm.

Even if you find your firm isn’t ready to bring eDiscovery technology in house, knowing that there is an option like InControl on the market means that you can ask your hosting partners about it.  If you are hosting data, you are still faced with that high price tag, and you can drive a lower cost from your providers. When their technology cost is less, so is yours, and then your bottom line improves – who can’t use that?

Check out Reveal’s InControl – Affordable e-discovery software for litigation.

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